Avid Aspect users share their #AspectSkinJourney!

At Aspect, we believe beauty isn’t just skin deep. We want you to celebrate the #BestVersionofYOU, whatever that may look like. Hear from loyal Aspect Skincare users who share their #AspectSkinJourney and favourite Aspect Skincare products.


Lucy’s journey:

“Aspect has changed my life. I stumbled across the beautiful Andrea at @kaizenskinbodybeing in 2018, who introduced me to Aspect, and I have never looked back. After years of putting up with “bad” skin (doctors said it wasn’t “bad enough” for medication but it was really, really bad for my mood and self-confidence), I had a serendipitous facial with Andrea and fell in love with the products.

For over two years now I have been religiously using the Purastat 5 Cleanser, Phytostat 9 moisturiser and Exfol L (which is hands down my favourite Aspect product - works miracles for my skin). I’ve slowly been expanding my routine and building up my collection of products. Most recently I am LOVING the dewy hydrated look I get from the Probiotic Mask.

In the past few months, I have started receiving compliments from friends, colleagues and even strangers on how lovely and glowing my skin looks. I love not having to wear any makeup and feel fresh and comfortable in my skin.

Aspect has given me confidence in myself that I will forever be grateful for.” – Lucy

*Individual results may vary


Justine’s journey:

“I’m 51 years old with sun damaged and pigmented skin. I’ve been using Aspect daily for 2 months and the results are amazing. My scar between my nose and top lip has virtually disappeared. My skin texture and tone is even, particularly around my eyes. I’ve had many comments about how good my skin looks and how young I look. I’m a daily Aspect user for life. #SharetheAspectLove #AspectSkinJourney” - Justine

*Individual results may vary


Melissa’s journey:

“Firstly, this is absolutely amazing and I'm obsessed with your products. They've changed my life. My cheeks are always red, which I've heard is rosacea, have not confirmed if it is. Using your Gentle Cleanser and Red-Less 21 has completely changed my life and the red is noticeably lighter.” – Melissa

*Individual results may vary


Thank you to Lucy, Justine, Melissa and all of our Aspect community who continue to share their skincare journeys with us. We love nothing more than to hear from our community so please reach out to us on social or at aspect@advskin.com.au.


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