Here at Aspect Skincare, we are passionate about product development!

With a team of product development specialists, Aspect is constantly planning for new brands and products that continue to meet the vision of Aspect – to create positive change for all skin types and concerns, utilising high-performing active ingredients that help to enhance, rejuvenate and cosmetically correct the skin, without irritation.

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Research: The Aspect Skincare team is constantly monitoring the market for trends and advancements, but also talking constantly to our manufacturers, laboratories and ingredient suppliers about the latest and greatest innovations that are on the way. This network of research-driven professionals provides us with access to skincare technology and ingredients not yet on the radar for most brands.


Bringing a product to life: Product development is a long process. The Aspect Skincare product development team consists of representatives from all corners of our business with the express goal of bringing new products to market as effectively as possible. From the initial brief with our manufacturing partners, to the trial and testing of formulas, through to stability testing and the sourcing of packaging, it is often a 12-18 month process to bring an idea to life. From there, our amazing Go To Market team bring everything together for our clinics and customers to ensure they love our product as much as we do.


Enhancement and reformulations: It’s not just new products we’re working on. All the time, new ingredients and technology comes to light that means we can look at advancing our existing formulas and take them to the next level. We want all our products, existing or new, to deliver the best possible results and utilise the latest technology.


Learning about new products: The best way to stay in the loop is by subscribing to the Aspect newsletter and following our social profiles.

Do you have an idea for a new product? Contact us and we could work together on something special!