Take your results to the next level with advanced professional peels and skin treatments available exclusively through Aspect trained clinics.

Aspect Professional Peels & Skin Treatments

Lactobotanicalâ„¢ Peel (20%, 30%, 40%)

Contaning the power of Lactic Acid to give skin a hydration boost and to visibly enhance the appearance of skin and target fine lines and wrinkles.

Triple Action Peel

A resurfacing peel targeted at fine lines, wrinkles, dull, rough and lacklustre skin texture. Containing retinoid-mimicking LanaBlue, L-Lactic Acid and Niacinamide that work synergistically to deliver spectacular results.

Pigment Peel

Address the appearance of age spots and pigmented areas to Illuminate and even out skin tone.

Problem Skin Peel

Combines the powerful skin renewal and anti-imperfection actions of alpha and beta hydroxy acids that help smooth and purify

Age Define Peel

An anti-ageing peel that combines natural fruit acids and Beta Hydroxy acids to reveal a fresh, smooth and more radiant complexion.

Customised Treatments

Take your results to the next level with a custom treatment to address skin conditions specific to you.

Aspect Professional Physician-Only Peels & Skin Treatments

High potency peels and skin treatments approved for use by registered clinics

Lactobotanicalâ„¢ 60% Peel

A high strength lactic acid peel designed to refine, intensly hydrate and deliver visible results.