Say goodbye to uneven skin tone

Photodamage and hyperpigmentation are some of the most common skin concerns in Australia. Pigmentation is commonly associated with UV and environmental exposure but can also be triggered internally through hormones, especially during pregnancy.

Aspect Skincare has recently launched 2 serums that help to address and prevent the appearance of age spots, illuminate and even out skin tone. 

Aspect Pigment Punch +

Reveal radiant looking skin with this supercharged serum, packed with natural plant extracts, peptides, Tyrostat-11 and Vitamin C.

 Image of Pigment Punch 

Aspect Dr Complete Pigment Plus 

An advanced formula that combines and Tyrostat-11™, Vitamin C and a new, cutting edge ingredient called Tranexamic Acid that assists with calming redness and evening out skin tone. 

 A targeted skin care regime incorporating these products, along with a professional treatment program can assist with improving the appearance of the skin.

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