The Clear Skin Complex Journey – Tried & Tested!

For those of us who have experienced blemishes and breakouts at any stage of our lives, understand the battle all too well. The ups' and downs. The breakouts and the breakdowns.

So many factors come into play when dealing with breakout prone skin; lifestyle, diet, stress, hormones, and even your skincare!
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The Aspect Clear Skin Complex Journey
A Personal #AspectSkinJourney By Danielle J

Week 1 – I decided to start using Aspect Clear Skin Complex in addition to my current Aspect Skincare Routine. [Gentle Clean, Extreme B 17, Pigment Punch®+, Fruit Enzyme Mask, Probiotic Mask, Eyelift 3, Phytostat 9®]. Applying the product every night, on clean dry skin – and laying my usual serums over the top.

Week 2 – I was surprised to have not experienced any of the dreaded purging us breakout prone beauties are used too, so that was a major plus.

Week 3 – Like clockwork, I was awaiting my regular hormonal breakouts… but unexpectedly only welcomed by 2 small pustules rather than my usual “pustule party” of 10 – 15!

Week 4 – The small breakouts that did come to visit went away after 2 days leaving no trace! (The way it should be in both your skin and also in nature!).

Week 5 – Fresh, glowy skin everyday? Who am i?! Even the chocolate I consumed over the weekend couldn’t make a mark on my fresh, clear complexion!

Week 6 – Aspect Clear Skin Complex has a recommended use for a minimum of 12 weeks to see best results, but after hitting the half way point, it is safe to say I am SOLD, and will forever keep using Aspect #ClearSkinComplex in my routine from this day forward!

I am so grateful to have found a product that can not just help my breakouts but also gives my skin a vibrant healthy appearance.

Want to start your own  #AspectSkinJourney?

Here is what other Aspect Lovers had to say about incorporating Clear Skin Complex into their Aspect Skincare Routines

“There is something magical about how gentle this product is while effectively keeping those blind pimples at bay! I put my trust in clear skin complex to heal those pesky breakouts and stop picking - because we all know how that ends!” – Katherine S

“I have endometriosis & suffer with hormonal jawline acne, this product has been a game-changer! From the first night it has become a holy grail in my routine and I have seen an amazing improvement, making me feel much more comfortable in my bare skin.” – Taylah F

“I am 35 weeks pregnant and I’m now on my second bottle of Jungle Brew, Extreme B, and Clear Skin Complex amongst other Aspect products that I love. I love Aspect because the products helped me keep the pregnancy acne at bay that I had during my first trimester. My skin feels amazingly nourished and now even my husband enjoys the Aspect products with me.” – Kris Anne H

Try Out Clear Skin Complex For Yourself!

It doesn’t just stop with amazing products!

Here are our top lifestyle changes that may help assist you on your #AspectSkinJourney today…
  • Change your pillowcase and bath towel regularly – even try opting for a silk pillowcase
    (it will allow your skin to breathe at night and not steal any moisture)
  • Increase your veggie and fruit intake and stay hydrated with water every day.
  • Avoid highly processed and sugary food. Fresh is best.
  • Do not over exfoliate – give the skin time to heal and repair.
  • Do not touch or pick your breakouts.
  • Sanitise your mobile and desk phone if you sit at a desk daily.

Start your #AspectSkinJourney today with Aspect Clear Skin Complex! 
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