In the Know with Kylie Gulliver

Kylie Gulliver shares her #AspectSkinJourney, top tips for self-care and holy grail Aspect products. 

Can you tell us about yourself in a nutshell?

Almost always smiling, travelling and living a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Work life is a mix of acting, business and events. I have a dermal science and beauty therapy background; at 22 years of age I opened two skin clinics and loved the business side of things. I went on to start a clothing label and moved to LA to pursue that as well as acting, however beauty therapy and skin was always something I had going on along the way. I was lucky to be able to up my prices and have some amazing loyal celebrity clients in LA and Oz. I have recently moved back to Australia and skincare is still a front line passion of mine.


What is your dream lifestyle?

Balanced!!! I love to live a happy, healthy and fit lifestyle but with a side of fries and a glass of red. I’m consciously always working on being present and at peace with the moment – it’s an ongoing practice but it helps be keep my happiness and balance wherever I may go. A balanced, adventurous and happy lifestyle is always my dream. 


What are your top tips for self-care?

Looking after my mind is my top priority. When my thoughts are happy and healthy and I can become present, I find the rest falls into place: 

  • Meditation twice daily (currently I use the Vedic technique) 
  • Keeping my fitness up with at least three workouts a week 
  • My diet! I fast till 2pm on weekdays and aim to eat as many veggies, greens and fresh foods as I can but do not deprive myself of carbs or fun foods - balance is key for my diet 
  • Taking care of my appearance. I do believe it’s true that when you look good you feel too - taking pride in looking after my skin, hair, nails etc and I do notice it plays a part in overall well-being and motivation 
  • Laughing and smiling - the best medicine!!!


Given you have a beauty therapy background, why do you believe investing in not only at home skincare, but professional treatments is so important?

I believe professional treatments is key to giving your skin the head start it needs to get the most out of your home skincare regimen and vice versa - I would always stress to clients that at home skincare is literally the other half of their treatment. The two are key to optimal skincare results. Your skincare professional will be trained at taking your skin to places with equipment and professional only products to achieve results that you simply can’t do yourself and you need the at home products to maintain and continue that! 


Can you tell us about your #AspectSkinJourney?

Oh wow, where to begin! It’s a long one! I was first introduced to Aspect through our clinic rep and instantly fell in love with the range - both the professional and home care. I love the simplicity in understanding what each product is designed to do, it makes sense and was always a range that I could explain and trust to recommend to my clients. 

I have continued to use Aspect for the last 12 plus years myself. I’ve had quite troublesome pigmentation over the years and Aspect has been my saving grace! 


What is your skin type and concerns?

Ageing and pigmentation. I love to maintain a glowing skin so illuminating and radiance-enhancing products are always go-to’s for me. 


What are your morning and night Aspect Skincare regimes?




What are your holy grail, can’t-live-without Aspect products?

Whichever ones I’m using in my regime at the time though! Extreme C 20 is also a must for me.