Importance of exfoliation and professional treatments

Exfoliation is the action of the removal of old skin cells. When we are young our skin performs this function naturally and easily with little assistance, but as we get older and with the constant effects of environmental stresses on our skin, this function of natural shedding or exfoliation can decline, and our skin needs a helping hand to stay looking fresh. 

Assisted skin exfoliation remarkably dates to ancient Egypt and China. History tells us that affluent Chinese people in ancient times used a combination of oils and minerals to create mechanical/physical exfoliants to assist in the removal of dead skin cells as a way of beautifying their skin. Ancient Egyptians would perform beauty rituals by bathing in sour milk and honey to give their skin a beautiful, hydrated glow and soften dry skin. We now know this is one of the first recorded forms of chemical exfoliation.

The benefits of assisted skin exfoliation are many. Exfoliation can improve:

  • The appearance of rough, dry skin
  • Help reduce the look of hyperpigmentation
  • Assist in better penetration and activation of skin products
  • Help prevent clogged pores that can lead to breakouts
  • Your makeup will sit better and stay fresher longer
  • Improved cell turnover for healthier looking skin

There is an exfoliation product that will suit all skin types and concerns.

The most common are:

• Mechanical/physical exfoliants | Formulated with micro-particles that are made from ingredients like salt, sugar or biodegradable beads that will roll over the skin and assist with buffing and polishing off dead skin cells. Ideal for most skin types but not ideal for very sensitive skin, including inflamed acne or rosacea. Our advice, to keep your skin in tip top shape is, when using a mechanical exfoliation, you should exfoliate at least 1-2x a week.

Our top pick, Aspect Illuminating Polish, is a perfect choice for those that like the feel of mechanical exfoliation. This triple-action exfoliant combines Ecoscrub with enzymes and AHA’s to gently polish, removing lifeless cells. Your skin is left feeling instantly smoother and more radiant.

• Enzyme exfoliants | Commonly extracted from fruits like pineapples and papaya. Enzyme exfoliants are the silent soldiers of exfoliants. Working for you by dissolving dead skin cells that have built up on the skin’s surface. Enzyme exfoliants are ideal for delicate or sensitive skin types as it is not abrasive, and so easy to use! Invigorate your skin with Aspect Fruit Enzyme Mask, an exfoliating gel mask that harnesses the power of fruit enzymes to help remove lifeless skin cells, revealing a smoother, more radiant-looking appearance.

• Chemical exfoliants | There are two types of chemical exfoliants, Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA’s) and Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA). An acid exfoliant might sound scary, but AHA’s and BHA are commonly sourced from botanical extracts and can have a gentle yet very effective action on breaking up and dissolving away dead skin cells. AHA’s are great exfoliating agents for dry and/or sun damaged skins. They are also powerful skin hydrators, leaving the skin soft, smooth, and dewy.

A BHA is suited to oily skin or typical oily areas on the face such as pores, where they can help lift skin cells that can be glued down with oil and reduce surface shine, leaving the skin clear, refined and mattified.

If you like to keep things super simple and not have to remember when you exfoliated last, look at introducing a chemical-based daily exfoliant in your regimen such as Aspect Exol L, a lightweight exfoliating smoothing serum. This serum does the work for you – containing AHA's and skin supporting botanicals, Aspect Exfol L will be your nightly must have serum as it will help smooth skin and prepare for application of active ingredients, boosting their ability to penetrate better.

If you want to really make an impact on your skin and effectively remove what could be years of built-up dead skin cells fast, then we advise that you visit your local Aspect Skincare clinic and discuss some of the more intensive exfoliation options to give you back that youthful-looking, glowing skin.

Aspect has a wonderful range of Professional Peels and Treatments that will exfoliate your skin at a whole other level. One of our new hero peels within the Aspect Professional range is the Aspect Power Peel. This peel will not leave you disappointed. Power Peel is power by name and power by nature. This unique three step peel system contains a powerful blend of actives including Kojic Acid, Mandelic Acid, Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Retinol and Emblica that work synergistically to deliver improved skin texture, clarity and visibly brighter skin. This perfectly crafted peel will address more than you could imagine:

  • Ageing concerns, particularly from sun damage
  • UV related pigmentation
  • Dullness and uneven texture
  • Problematic skin
  • Dehydration
  • Excess oil

Power Peel is suitable for all skin types. It is recommended to invest in a course of three treatments performed every 6 weeks to truly experience the power of Aspect Power Peel.

Once you have achieved your desired results, it is recommended to continue to maintain your skin with your chosen exfoliation product.


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