How To Improve Your Microbiome (And Why!)

We have all heard that Kombucha and Kimchi are incredibly important for the micro-organisms that live in our guts. But what about skin microbiome?

The skin’s microbiome, or as some people refer to it “skin flora,” is made up of a unique collection of microorganisms that greatly impact how our skin looks and feels. When balanced, the bad and good bacteria on our skin keep each other in check, the skin is better able to protect itself against environmental stressors for happy, glowy skin!


A flourishing microbiome is the key to a healthy skin barrier and, therefore, healthy, glowing skin. Inflammatory skin conditions—like acne, eczema, psoriasis—are all in some way affected by poor microbiome health.

So why is the Microbiome of the skin important? Well, the skin’s microbiome is made up of a unique collection of microorganisms that impacts both the look and the feel of your skin. This invisible eco-system has become a hot topic in the world of skin care, with trending research revealing the importance of keeping it in check in order to effectively ward off negative factors that would otherwise deteriorate skin’s appearance or worsen existing skin concerns. The skin’s microbiome is made up of “good” and “bad” microbes that live on its surface. Surprisingly, you need both types to have healthier, more vibrant skin so the goal is to create a healthy balance. In doing so, the good bacteria on skin can flourish without letting the resident bad bacteria overtake it.

Prebiotics, Probiotics, and Postbiotic

Let’s break it down even more… Prebiotics are the substances on skin that help feed and encourage the growth and healthy balance of probiotics. Next, Probiotics are actual living microbes that exist on skin, they play a crucial role in stabilising our microbiome. And lastly, Postbiotics are the byproducts (new beneficial substances) that probiotics generate as they break down on and within skin’s surface. Postbiotics are the biggest team players here – they help facilitate an optimal skin flora and maintain effective moisture balance, this helps strengthen the skin’s barrier against environmental stressors.

How To Improve Your Microbiome (And WHY!)

The skin’s microbiome can easily become unstable from a number of internal or external factors including pollution, sun damage, and irritating skin care products. Protecting yourself and your skin from these contributing factors is great, but when it all gets too much, that is when skin care steps in…

Balancing your skin’s microbiome takes a combination of pre-, pro-, and postbiotic ingredients. When balanced, the bad and good bacteria on skin keep each other in check, working together to create postbiotics, such as peptides, proteins, amino acids, enzymes, hyaluronic acid, lactic acid, ceramides, antioxidants, and other substances that are vitally important for happy, glowy skin!

The end result once you start looking after your skin’s microbiome speaks for itself. The skin is better able to protect itself against environmental stressors. You will find your skin can optimize and maintain hydration better. Say goodbye to sensitized and reddened skin as your skin becomes more stable and calmer and restores to a healthy pH balance.

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