Bright Skin Essentials

With the weather fining up and party season approaching, now is the perfect time to give your skin a glow up with these Aspect bright skin essentials.


CULT FAVOURITE: Pigment Punch +

Pigment Punch + | Let’s just say – if you know, you know! Pigment Punch has been a part of the Aspect Skincare family for over 10 years! Loved by so many for its powerhouse illuminating ingredient Tyrostat-11™ and calming botanicals that meant it could restore radiance to even the most lacklustre skin. In 2018, the fan favourite got even better when Aspect partnered the tried and true ingredients with new cutting-edge technology, that is RadianSkin™, Bellides™ and Melanostantine™ 5, to create what we now know as Pigment Punch +. With these additions, Pigment Punch + now offers a multi-pathway approach to even skin.


INTRODUCING Aspect Pigment Punch Body

Following in the success of Pigment Punch + comes the brand new Pigment Punch Body, an extension of the line that looks after discolouration that can occur over time on exposed areas of the body, especially back of hands and decolletage.

This multi-functional body cream combines Tyrostat-11™ and Bellides™ that help to minimise the appearance of discolouration, while Lactic Acid and Shea Butter work to dramatically smooth and hydrate, revealing radiant, even looking skin.

These key ingredients are complemented by the inclusion of Niacinamide, Green Tea, Kakadu Plum and Papaya Fruit Extract, providing barrier support, antioxidant protection and smoothing enzyme action.

Now you can achieve youthful looking skin all over!



As always, when addressing pigmentation to achieve the best results, always pair with broad spectrum sun protection. Aspect Sun is a collection of hydrating, lightweight SPF 50 and SPF 50+

sunscreen designed for use all year round. We love Envirostat On-The-Go, because the dry touch formula is ideal for use on the face and body and the convenient packaging makes reapplication so easy!



For further protection from the sun and to keep those dark spots at bay, include Aspect Super PD Complex in any daily skincare regime. The plant derived (PD!) enzymes in this serum are fundamental for environmental protection. It has been shown [1] that while SPF protects from UVA and UVB rays and antioxidants protect from free radical damage, these enzymes have another vital action, to protect and restore deeper layers of the skin from environmental damage that is the primary cause of the visible signs of ageing. So, what are you waiting for? This one is a new non-negotiable.

Source: The skin health and beauty pyramid: a clinically based guide to selecting topical skincare products; JDD April 2014 – F.A. Mayoral, Z.D.Draelos


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[1] The skin health and beauty pyramid: a clinically based guide to selecting topical skincare products; JDD April 2014 – F.A. Mayoral, Z.D.Draelos